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Obezitenin cerrahi ve cerrahi dışı tedavi yöntemleri

What is Obesity?

What is Obesity?According to the definition of World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is the accumulation of excess fat, which is caused by the fact that the energy taken by the nutrients to the body is more than the energy consumed and which disrupts the health of the body.Body mass index (BMI) is the most commonly used measure for the determination of obesity. The definition of morbidly obese is used for patients with a body mass index above 40kg / m2 and they are candidates for surgical treatment even if they do not have different diseases.


Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gastric By-pass

Revision Surgery


Gastric balloon which is the most common non-surgical obesity treatment is applied endoscopically. Weight loss around 15-20 kg is possible with this method.


Another Non-surgical Obesity Treatment is applied endoscopically. It is an operation performed by injecting botox medicine intramuscularly. The botox effect lasts for around 6 months and helps you diet.


After obesity surgery, some patients may need revision surgery years later. We also perform successfully these surgeries called revision surgery.


Painless, incision-free hemorrhoid treatment with THD. You can return to your daily life in 24 hours ...


What diseases do we treat?

Safra kesesi ameliyatı

Gallbladder diseases

Gallbladder diseases

What are the functions of the gallbladder? Stones in the gallbladder (cholelithiasis). How is the gallstone removal surgery carried out?

Proktoloji - Hemoroid, Anal fissür, Makat çatlağı tedavileri.

Anal Region Diseases


What are hemorrhoids? What are the modern treatment modes for hemorrhoids? THD (Transanal Hemorrhoidal Deartearilization) and more...



What is reflux? Why and how is it formed? What are the symptoms of reflux? How is reflux diagnosed? What actions are performed?

Thyroid diseases

Thyroid Diseases

Goiter, Nodules of the thyroid gland, Treatment of nodular formations of the thyroid gland, Surgical treatment of nodular thyroid formations, nodule formations have a greater risk of cancer and more...

Meme Hastalıkları ve meme kanseri tedavisi

Breast diseases

Breast diseases

Mammary gland – anatomy, Breast self-examination, Breast Cancer and its Diagnosing, Breast cancer treatment, Other breast diseases and more...

Endoskopi - Gastroskopi, Kolonoskopi - Op. Dr. Erkam TÜLÜBAŞ



What is gastroscopy? What symptoms require performing gastroscopy? What is colonoscopy?

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